Just a heads-up for everyone that I’ll be doing a webinar about STIR/SHAKEN and Asterisk next week, you can register here:

I expect I will make comments about my feelings on certain things about STIR/SHAKEN. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am making a comment on my feelings about Linux users and those who do not use Chrome or Edge

Clicking “Download the app” gets an .exe file

It did not present you with the web based option? Interesting… the next time we have one I’ll check.

The image shows “opening the link in Chrome or Edge.”

Ah, I understand what you mean now.

It was a good seminar. I had to duck out at the end during q&a

Is there a way to watch the recording?

Not yet. The recording will be made available and once it is I’ll post the link here, it’ll also be out on the Asterisk socials.

The recording is now available here:

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