Stir/Shaken Fun spam flagging

Just more a curiosity than anything else…

Anyone else getting complaints from customers that when they call out out people are reporting that their numbers show up as potential spam?? One of my customers just called today saying they’ve gotten a number of reports from their customers about it. I’ve checked with my sip provider and everything they see on the calls as far as caller ID etc is coming across correct.

Since this seems to coincide with STIR/SHAKEN going into affect I suspect it has to do with this.

Happening to us frequently when calling T-Mobile and Comcast customers. Have to call the carrier to get our numbers unflagged, which can be difficult since tier 1 support does not know what you are talking about.

Ideally you will register your company with an fcc/frn number

and so find yourself in

If you are using DID’s and trunking from the same provider, you SHOULD then be getting an A attestation, but make sure you provide the carrier with your FRN .

Using a DID you legitimately own with a second party trunk is still a little murky and depends on your carrier, but ‘theoretically’ you should qualify for a minimum B attestation, check with your carrier.

(you have until September 28th. to comply)

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Voice Service Providers, not “You”

Already did the fcc registration and the carrier has the FRN. Trying to get info on exactly how to register properly and navigate the entire process is like pulling teeth and any documents there are are vague at best.

I can top that, cablevision will often not remove DID’s from their internal database when you port numbers away from them. This results in anyone who has phone service provided by cablevision getting a “this number is no longer is service” message when they try to call that DID. Tier one is completely useless in rectifying this situation. You have to get your carrier to contact their back end engineers in some way to get it sorted. Has happened twice now.

I use Voip Innovations (now VI Communications Services since Sangoma takover) for both my DID and trunking and they have my FRN so theoretically I should be good.

Just have a feeling this is going to be just another government sponsored train wreck, at least for the near term…

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