Still Get Calls When Status Set to Away

(Todd Schacherl) #1

iSymphony (v3.5.4.1)

When a user using ISymphony sets their status to Away, they still get calls from the queue. I have set the “Sync Status” checkbox to be checked, which fixed an issue where users would still show on a call even though they had been off the call for hours.

The only way I can make it to where the user won’t get a call is to set the DND status to on.

Any suggestions?

(Dave Burgess) #2

I haven’t looked into it deeply, but IIRC the queue module doesn’t really honor any of the XMPP statuses. I think that off-hook and DND are the only states that you can use (not counting logged out, obviously) and have the queue module not ring your line.

(Todd Schacherl) #3

Thanks Dave. I think I’m going to try setting each status as a DND and so far that seems to work.