Stereo Audio, single file (L/R)

due to… reasons… We are loooking into trying to have stereo audio on our recordings - with the Left channel being one audio stream, and the Right channel being the other.

the guides I have seen are all relatively old. has anyone done something similar recently?

specifically… one of our 3rd party integrations is hoping we can separate the participants into their own audio channels for post-processing.



Should work fine

Thats what i mean though… i know its POSSIBLE.

but it looks like asterisk 16, in extension_additional.conf the recording call references “${MONITOR_OPTIONS}”
and… thats about all I can see.
no details, no GUI, no reference, i havent found a way to actually DO this, just that its technically supported.

Does the Asterisk documentation of those two Applications not spell out all the options you need ?

For Monitor() set MONITOR_EXEC to refactor sox or ffmpeg to your liking , MixMonitor is a little more suited just set the the t and r options and then do your ffmpeg/sox thing.

it tells me how to call Monitor or mixmonitor, yes.
but i’ve yet to actually find them called in an appropriate way in the .conf files.

Will keep investigating, but this sounds like a blog post if/when i get it sorted out :slight_smile:

They will be so called appropriately in .conf file you will need to write :slight_smile:

its being called Now. recordings “work”. just… poorly.

most likely on or around Here:


Be adventurous, write your own dialplan.context that works NOT poorly :slight_smile:

credit where credit is due:

looks like theres one trailing item there potentially (the $EVAL at the end of the post), and then just some variables to set!

That concept is good but it will break your ‘signature’. Just extract that concept into your own dialplan, feel free to replace any built-in variable with your own

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