Status says "Bad Destinations" but the destinations are OK (I think)

FreePBX System Status says:

There are 2 bad destinations
IVR: DayTime / Option: *777
IVR: NightTime / Option: *777

The IVRs in question both show:

*777 - Feature Code Admin - Dial Voicemail <*98>

Firstly, all this was setup using the Web UI, no fancy conf file hacking and secondly, the IVR works. If you call in from an outside line and enter *777 (the old Voicemail code for Partner), Comedian Mail answers as expected.

What is “Bad” about the destination?

Environment: FreePBX, Asterisk, Trunk provider CallCentric, Hardware ESXi 4.1 VM with 1 vCPU, 384 MB ram.