Status of Zulu UC

What’s the status for release of Zulu UC? We got in on the early bird offer and are eagerly awaiting release, as I’m sure are many others.

I’m working on documentation right now. Shouldn’t be too much longer. If you’d like to see screenshots or more information just let us know

If you have any particular details on integrating with Outlook / browsers / Rest API, that would be great :slight_smile: if it’s fairly plug and play then I won’t be too concerned. Glad to know it’s coming soon!

Outlook out of the box. Chrome out of the box. Firefox out of the box.

Nothing with RestAPI.

You can send Faxes. Get Faxes. Send SMS get SMS. When you get them (if you have outlook) they go into outlook like they are emails, you can reply to them there as well.

Placing calls works by modifying the content in the page of chrome and firefox which allows click to dial functionality

Awesome, just what we need. Thank you for your hard work.

Actually you’ll have to go into the web stores of Chrome and Firefox and download the plugin which links into Zulu. Browsers don’t allow secretly installing plugins anymore. Which is a good thing.

My organization paid license of Zulu on november. On Partner Portal I see license, but in SystemAdmin Module on my FreePBX there is nothing. How can I install and activate license of Zulu on FreePBXDistro?

We are not in release of Zulu yet

Bump - just got the invitation for the Webinar - when can I purchase a license and try the real thing?

Its been out for a few weeks now. Its considered a Soft Beta meaning their may still be bugs but so far very few issues reported.

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Sure can. ZuluUC is now available in the store, and we have many testing these early builds already.

Once purchased?

Let us know what you think!

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For those that have not received an invitation yet, you can sign up for the ZULU webinar here:


Little bit too much. Would love a 2 or 5 user option.

Ok - Got it working finally - had to re-install the FreePBX module twice before the Zulu Daemon would start working.

Is there any way to get Auto-Answer working with a Polycom 550? It initiates the call to the Polycom, but you have to pick it up before it starts the outbound leg.

We are working on this next.

there are a number of “competing” programs. perhaps it is just horses for courses, but some help in positioning UCP, Zulu and isymphony would be greatly appreciated.

ucp enables a user to do a pretty good job of managing their extension(s), i.e. voicemail, fmfm, call forwarding.
Zulu appears to have as its focal point outlook integration and click to call. sms integration looks interesting and might exacerbate the growing trend of people to use text messaging as opposed to email for business communication (something i particularly dislike).
isymphony enables a user to be focused more system wide activities - i.e. queues, conference rooms, chat although it also, like ucp, supports voicemail for one or more extensions but to date i have seen no click to dial or outlook integration.

has anyone run both zulu and isymphony together on the same system?

I am right now - since Zulu requires me to answer the station-leg before it initiates the outbound leg, it is not all that useful and we have not show it to clients - for now, iSymphony is a much more complete solution.

As far as a dialer for Asterisk, Zulu is OK - but there are MUCH cheaper alternatives. When the integration’s are working better, it will be easier to recommend/use.