Status "Congestion" with Digium Free Fax for Asterisk Add-on

Hello there,

I’m using FreepBX for my VOIPsystem. I’m very happy with it, it’s working like a charm. I’ve even made a telephone system with queue music en choice menu’s. LOL.

BUT… I have some troubles with fax. Receiving was a piece of cake, i’m getting my faxes nicely in my email with a PDF attached. GREAT! Sending is however still a problem.

i followed the manual for implementing the fax module for FreePBX. I got everything working actually, exept that when i send a fax using the GUI in FreePBX nothing is end.

When i look at the CDR status monitor, you can see that a fax has been send over VOIP (there is somekind of VOIP call with a duration of 20 0r 22 seconds), but the status is “CONGESTION”.

maybe someone has a idea what is going wrong?