Statistics Access

We run Zabbix (Enterprise Monitoring) across our organisation, i’d like to add FreePBX to be monitored. I can look at uptime etc but i would like to monitor trunks in use etc as this will help to decide when to increase channels.

Does anyone know where this data could be accessed in a programmable way. i.e SNMP It would be great if there was a simple SNMP module we could enable.

Well, asterisk has res_snmp baked in (almost) , to cofigure and get the MIB’s


should get you started


We use Zabbix to monitor our asterisk installs using a combination of the Zabbix client and SNMP.

Here is a small how to on enabling SNMP that I put together a little while ago: Setup SNMP v3 on FreePBX 14

I am not sure if it’ll have the information that you are looking for though. I sure wish SNMP support in Asterisk was a bit more extensive.


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