Static Public/External IP Cannot Ping Gateway "connect: network is unreachable"


I have worked for an Internet Service provider for 7 years in technical support. I am using the network equipment that I support business customers with so I am confident I have set everything up correctly on the router/s of which I have tested two.

I want to use one of my /29 subnet (5 useable addresses in my range of 8) assigned eth0 in FreePBX.

I can configure my windows 10 device with the same settings and I can ping IP and domains.

I have made changes from the GUI and CLI and I get the same problem.

When freePBX is set as below and I attempt to ping the router gateway address I get “connect: network is unreachable”

NETMASK= (/29 range of 8 IPs)

If I do ifconfig it shows the correct broadcast address so I know the netmask is set correctly.

I did install the most recent version of FreePBX/asterisk but after experiencing this issue I re-ran the install to choose the “recommended” version.

Both routers I have tested are in a Routed IP with NAT and DHCP setup.
One is a
Technicolor v.10 Firmware
and the other is
FRITZ!Box 7530

I have tested enabling NAT in freePBX GUI with no change to the issue.

If anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated.


Is this /29 the only subnet being routed to you by the ISP? As in the WAN port of the router has one of the 82.XX.XX.XX IPs and uses a 82.XX.XX.XX IP as the Gateway from that /29? Or does the WAN have a /30 or /32 with this /29 routed over it?

I’m curious as to how you have your routing setup that would allow the public subnet to use the private LAN gateway for Internet access.

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Yes I think you are right.

I need to change the gateway to the router wan Ip address.

Thank you.

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