Static Local SIP Port - goes back to Dynamic

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I have a Grandstream GXP2140 phone in a premise environment where I have set the Local SIP port statically. However, it does not seem to want to use that port. When I go to the peers list, it’s using a different port.

Does anyone have any insight into local SIP port functionality for phones and inside of asterisk?

I’ve had connectivity issues in this environment, but static ports has helped with the other phones.


Assuming you’re talking about the port the phone uses and if you’re setting the port in the phone gui, if I remember correctly you have to uncheck “use dynamic port” somewhere else in the gui setup.

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It is specific to the phone model, but works just fine. I have gotten into the habit of setting this to a port value based on the extension because some routers do not do a good job of reloading a state table after a reboot.

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What’s interesting is that I have 40320 designated as my Local SIP port. It’s still using a dynamic port for some reason.

I even re-registered the phone and it flipped over to a new port. But not the one that was designated.

Took a packet capture inside the phone to see if that sip port was being modified somewhere, but the phone shows the source as the dynamic…

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