StatiC IP/PORT for extension

Hi, I am using Vonage to register SIP trunk, the problem is Vonage phone number “must be set forward to exactly sip address”. It’s mean:

  1. If I have the registered extension like this: sip:[email protected]:xxxxx
  2. Then I need set phone number of Vonage by setting “forward to SIP: sip:[email protected]:xxxxx”
  3. If customer un-register, and register again, the address changed, so I need to config Phone number forward to SIP again.

So I just want to ask can I make the statis ip/port of the extension? Thanks

Please provide a network diagram. You appear to be trying to bypass FreePBX, which doesn’t make sense to me. In a normal system, the only address the provider needs is that of Asterisk itself, which would, near to out of the box, be port 5060 on your public IP address. If your public IP address is not stable, you need a better ISP.

Literally having a static address for the extension is something done in the phone, router, and DHCP server, not in FreePBX.