Static Conference Room Leader/Admin

I have a SIP endpoint connected to an external audio device and it is setup as a hotline phone that dials a conference extension when the audio device is turned on (off-hook).

I would like to be able to mute all other callers as they enter and have the leader/admin to be this audio device extension.

My problem is that the audio device extension has no way to enter an admin pin as it simply dials the conf number when powered up.

Is there a way to statically assign this extension as the admin? In a perfect world, the conf room will have these settings but not require the admin (a static extension 100) or users to enter a PIN

Join Message: None
Leader Wait: Yes
Talker Optimization: Yes
Talker Detection: No
Quiet Mode: Yes
User Count: No
User join/leave: No
Music on Hold: Yes
Music on Hold Class: inherit
Allow Menu: No
Record Conference: No
Maximum Participants: 20
Mute on Join: Yes

On some devices the auto dial string allows you to enter certain special characters to include pauses. So for example rather than just auto-dial the conference number you might be able to do:

Auto-dial: config-num,PIN

Where “,” is a short pause. Three pauses together will give enough time for the conference announcement to start asking for the PIN. Not sure if your device can do this but it’s worth a go.

I’m currently using a Linksys SPA ATA that does great dialing with the hotline config when the connected scanner/radio is turned on (goes off hook). I do not think the SPA will allow you to delay dial the PIN. Do you know of another ATA that supports hotline then delayed PIN or number dialing?

My preference would be to do this in asterisk. I’m sure it can be done; however, I am not the Asterisk guru and would need some assistance. We really want to avoid having to enter any PINs as this needs to be a simple speed dial access to the conference room.

Actually it does with the P in the dialstring, your ref:-

… the pause is for hotline or warmline; however, if you use hotline, you cannot pause after it dials the pre set number and have it start dialing again.

Can I create a custom destination that will send a user to a conference room in a muted or unmuted state (depending if the admin or user is routed to the custom destinations). If so, that may be an easy way to tackle it. Basically the admin could dial conf room 3 directly and the conf room itself would be set to unmuted and the user could be routed to a custom destination which would send them to the conference as muted.

Is that possible?