State:Busy (permanently) Presence:not_set

I’m seeing this on a Yealink T46. DND is not on, presence in UCP is not set, the phone is not actually in use. Not sure whats going on. When the ring group rings here’s what happens (looking at x1200)

-- SIP/1100-000042ad is ringing
-- SIP/1400-000042b0 is ringing
-- SIP/1300-000042af is ringing
-- SIP/1700-000042b1 is ringing
-- SIP/1200-000042ae is busy
-- SIP/1200-000042ae Internal Gosub(crm-hangup,s,1) start

I tried logging into the phone and didn’t see anything. Extension Settings confirms DND is not set. Rebuilding the config and forcing the phone to load it and reboot does not fix it. Wondered if it was an asterisk issue so I did a ‘fwconsole restart’ and got the same result. The phone is registered with the pbx.

Any ideas?

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-20
Asterisk Version: 13.15.0

I probably need to brush up on the asterisk commands but devstate list showed two different device states that said busy: ‘Custom:DND1200’ and ‘Custom:DEVDND1200’

devstate change Custom:DND1200 NOT_INUSE
devstate change Custom:DEVDND1200 NOT_INUSE

That still doesn’t fix it. I’m still seeing this in the asterisk console

-- SIP/1200-000000f8 Internal Gosub(crm-hangup,s,1) complete GOSUB_RETVAL=
-- SIP/1400-000000fa is ringing
-- SIP/1100-000000f7 is ringing
-- SIP/1700-000000fd is ringing
-- SIP/1300-000000f9 is ringing

looking at the asterisk full log it shows that its still showing as busy

app_dial.c: SIP/1000-000000f6 is ringing
app_dial.c: SIP/1100-000000f7 is ringing
app_dial.c: SIP/1300-000000f9 is ringing
app_dial.c: SIP/1500-000000fb is ringing
app_dial.c: SIP/1200-000000f8 is busy
app_stack.c: SIP/1200-000000f8 Internal Gosub(crm-hangup,s,1) start

I’m wondering if this is a hardware problem. I had someone on site power cycle the phone to see if we’d end up with a different result than my rebooting it from the EPM or from the GUI of the phone and now at least the hints show that the phone is idle rather than busy but the pbx still treats it as busy. Next step is to reset to factory and try one more time.

from 'core show hints’
[email protected] : SIP/1200&Custom:DND1 State:Idle

from cdr

App Destination Disposition Duration
VoiceMail 1200 ANSWERED 0:04
Dial 1200 BUSY 0:10

One last data point for the day before i call it quits: I looked at the CDRs and this seems to have started on August 30 around 16:55 (this is the first call that this extension rang busy) and I can see that the pbx was rebooted about 4 minutes before that (according to a ticket). This may be another instance that has been corrupted. Rebooting again did not fix this. Might try just moving to a fresh virtual instance (and updating to the latest version) and see what happens. After Christmas though.

I had something like this not too long ago, we removed the phone from EPM, performed a factory reset, made sure the phone stays idle for 10 minutes, re-provisioned phone… Was working afterwards.

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Thanks. I noticed that it had spent several hours (after power cycling) unsuccessfully downloading a firmware file from the PBX. Logged in to the GUI and manually uploaded the file and after that it started working. This may have had a similar effect to resetting to factory.

I shouldn’t have responded to this post with my fix i applied about a month ago… That user just emailed that the phone stopped working again. :open_mouth:

This phone has two extensions

[email protected] : SIP/4301&Custom:DND4 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 0
[email protected] : SIP/4305&Custom:DND4 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 0

In my case it goes straight to Voicemail, doesn’t ring at all.
Phone: Grandstream GXP2130 Version

I hope someone has a permanent solution for this.


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