Start of system recording is sometimes cutoff

I’m using FreePBX / Asterisk 16.9.0

I have a system recording “Thank you for calling…” used in the primary IVR.

When testing this, the words “Thank you” are sometimes cut off and not heard by callers.

I searched for issues like this and found the advice to add 1 second of silence before the recording starts. This does seem to work around the problem.

I notice that on the CrossTalk Solutions video covering system recordings, Chris does not do this and in fact he trims the start of his test recording so that it starts immediately. So I don’t believe adding silence is always necessary.

My FreePBX server is a new installation hosted in the cloud. I’m wondering if I’ve got a problem somewhere.

Any ideas what the root cause of this could be?


Inbound Route > Advanced, set Force Answer to Yes.

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Also, adding a second or two of silence at the beginning of your announcement helps.

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