Start at boot Ubuntu 14.04


How do you upstart it at boot on ubuntu 14?

I installed latest freepbx with ast. 13


Hi, did you find a good way to start Asterisk automatically? I have everything else working, trunks, extensions etc. it is the only problem I have uncracked. I have tried a variety of methods, all of which fail. Even a cron job five minutes after reboot doesn’t work.


There aren’t many things simpler than getting a program to start on power up.

I’m no Ubuntu expert, but no matter what, you are probably using some kind of rc.d or chkconfig system for firing up the rest of the programs that start at boot up. All you need to do is figure out which one you need (a start up job in one of the rc.x directories or add it to chkconfig) and drop it in.

Remember, with FreePBX 13, you should start with “fwconsole start” - we no longer use amportal, and starting Asterisk by hand (as in “service asterisk start”) is no longer recommended.