Standard vs NO RAID - HP Proliant DL385 Gen8

When doing an install to a server with a hardware raid, should I pick the standard install option or the NO RAID option? Is this specifying either to create a raid, or to load the raid drivers? What is the specific difference between these two?

I assumed just use the first option (3.211.63-1), but when installing to this server (HP Proliant DL385 Gen8), I get the error that says there is not enough free space available (the raid is three 300GB drives, setup as mirror + hotspare). According to HP, the server is supported by RHEL 5 and 6 (, so I’m assuming CentOS 6.3 should work just fine.

What are the next diagnostic steps I should take?

Pick the no raid. Standard tries to setup software raid.

Okay - thanks