Standard Opus bitrate on SNG7 beta release, Asterisk 13

What is the standard Opus codec bitrate on the new beta release of SNG7, Asterisk 13, and is it adjustable?

By the way, I am trying to make Opus work on SNG7 and Yealink T23G phones (latest V81 firmware supports Opus), but no luck.
Calling another phone as well as into an internal conference returns “SIP/2.0 488 Not acceptable here” and “process_sdp: No compatible codecs, not accepting this offer!”.

Please refer this link: Use Opus codec possible?

This thread doesn’t answer my question unfortunately.
Opus should be working with the new beta distro release, but it isn’t. It also doesn’t say what bitrate it is using. Also not if it’s 8kHz norrowband or 16kHz wideband.