Standalone Voicemail

Have the following available to me:

-Siemens Hicom 300 PBX
-FreePBX Server from distro
-TMDN64P card on Siemens side
-Digium 1TE121BF card on FreePBX side
-Cabling for cards
-A book on Asterisk

From the above the resources available is it possible to make a standalone voicemail server for the Siemens Hicom?

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Additional resources needed -

1 - Someone who knows how to configure the hicom
2 - Someone who know how to comprehend the book and not eat it

Seriously - This will require custom scripting so it is by no means a newbie task.

The cards should be able to talk if configured correctly though, correct? It’s more of a newbie side project. We have the Hicom knowledge, just new to the open source PBX end of things.

Yes, PRI signalling is standard so getting a trunk up is not a big deal.

Translating the signalling and making the voice mail interface work with MWI and all the other bells and whistles is a big project.

Appreciate the help. Just kicking the ball around and seeing what comes of it.