Stable FreePBX 2.9 ISO

Is it possible to download an ISO with the latest stable version of FreePBX 2.9? I have searched on this and am getting confused. Any help is great and thanks in advance.

Thanks - I found that just now as well, but it is good to have the expert confirmation. I really wish that netinstall had a 64bit counterpart…

Centos 64 clean install + prereqs + 2.9 tarball … more trouble than its worth?

Easier to install a distro. There are 64 bit options available. Do you need to stay on FreePBX 2.9? There are multiple options for 32 and 64 bit if you are willing to move to a newer version.

All the downloads are here

Here is a net install of FreePBX 2.9 Distro

Here is just FreePBX GUI