SSL Certificates

Which SSL Certificates do you use with Freepbx or PBXact to provision Sangoma Phones via https besides LetsEncrypt.

Anything that’s valid works.

I have no luck with a Comodo Cert and Sangoma Phones… I thought Polycom was picky with Certs but its working with comodo but not LetsEncrypt

Do you have an idea why on a brand new install of PBXact - I can not get the LetsEncrypt working… I keep on getting these errors.

Whole response: {“type”:“urn:acme:error:unauthorized”,“detail”:“No registration exists matching provided key”,“status”:403}

PBXact is version 10.13.66-22

All Firewalls are setup correctly I have double and triple checked them…
Default Port has been changed from 2001 to 80

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