SSH Tunelling using Putty to access a SIP Phone

New to this so please bare with me.
I am using putty to establish an ssh tunnel to remote connect to a SIP phone. I connect ok and able to login to the phone but it does not save any changes to the settings. Any suggestions or do I need to put more details?
Many thanks in advance for any help.

No Key Entry Timeout is not related to this. That is for when the phone starts dialing after this timeout when no more keys have been pressed.

What happens if you do the same thing for another phone at the same place?

As this has nothing to do with FreePBX I probably wont spend any more time with this as it is clearly a problem with the network or the phone itself.

I am looking into my Magic Crystal Ball but I fail to detect the phone you are using.
My suggestion is that you contact the company from where you bought the phone.

I am working for the company that supplied the phone. It’s a grandstream 2000 configured as all the others that we shipped out and it is connected to the local PBX at the office that we are supporting.

I am confused, you say that you SSH tunnel to the phone?
The phone has a built-in web-server that you access via a browser. I assume that you do that.

You are sure that you have clicked Update on each settings page on the phone and finally clicked Reboot?

If you have then check your /tftpboot for any configuration file matching the mac-address of the device.

I create a ssh tunnel to the remote pbx and then a connection to the phone via putty. I then access the phone via the browser, log on as admin and make some changes. Click on update but it goes back to the log on display and I have to log in as admin again. I hope this makes sense.

Yes, that make sense, there is a timeout on the phone, from login to when you click Update or Reboot, if time exceeds more than 30 seconds (or one minute, I can’t remember the exact time) it goes back to login prompt.

Test this: Login, make one change, click Update, it should not go back to Login, if it does, then return the phone as there might be something wrong with it.

I tryed as sugested but as soon as I connect and navigate to any of the tabs, it goes back to the login propt. I did notice in the advance settings that the No key entry Time out is set to 4 sec. Even trying to make any changes within the 4 sec is not accepted.

This happens to all sites and phones which i would imagine it’s to do with some configuration with the pbx or the settings on each phone. Many thanks for trying, I shall invetigate other avenues.

Problem resolved. Tickect can be closed

It turn out to be as simple as using a different web browser. I used firefox which probably has a longer keepalive log on timer. So nothing to do with the network, PBX or phone settings.
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