SSH Password reset

is there a way i can reset the shh password in the webgui?

No way to do that as it would be very insecure.

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If you forgot the root password and need to reset it you have to boot the box into single-user mode.

thnx adell, ill give that a try.

If you already have a relationship with Sangoma support, you can securely install SSH keys using the GUI, which will allow access by support without the root password. Otherwise reset using single user as noted above.


It’s too late if you’re asking the question, but you can set up a similar relationship between your “management workstation” and FreePBX using SSH keys to log into the box remotely.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this, but it is a possible solution. I prefer the “no, log in with a password” approach, but if you’re locked out, single user mode is probably your safest way in.

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