SSH password recovery/change

Okay, so yeah, I’ve lost my SSH/putty login password. There once was a way to get to a reset by dragging your mouse across the login screen, copying everything, and then getting that one long hash-kinda-bit. Then you could get into putty somehow (if I remember correctly) and paste that code to get to a reset. Anyone remember this one?

That is for the FreePBX gui login, you will need console access or the ability to boot an alternate OS to reset root password

Hey @bigunk your question headline says “SSH password” whereas your question is referring to Freepbx GUI password.

For GUI password refer to

for SSH password as @dicko mentioned connect via console and reset the root password.

Okay, thank you. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything on my machine outside of the FreePBX gui, and even those have been minor. It seems SSH is the only way to restart things after a big module update, unless you have a trick for that. Fingers crossed.

Without root access you will always be severely hampered, what sort of machine is it?

Found it. Good to go. It’s…yeah, like I’m gonna post it, right?

Really you shouldn’t be using passwords or port 22 to reduce unnecessary insecurity and noise, add any useful ‘public keys’ to .ssh/known_hosts (you can use ssh-copy-id) and disable ‘PasswordAuthentification’ in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

Of course losing you public key is as problematic as losing passwords.