SSH Not working

Hello, Not sure what I have gone and done but I am unable to SSH into my box… Putty just sits and unable to make a connection. Any ideas

You will need to have a valid user and password, an open port on the internet and no other restrictions for that to work, do you have that? otherwise your attempted ssh connection should report any problems. If your connection just “sits” then you have no route.

LOL yes I am well aware of of ports needing to be open. I forgot to mention it was working earlier today.

Then you or your network broke it, there is no other solution.

Did you enable FreePBX Firewall and not allow access from your machine? By default SSH is only allowed to trusted hosts.

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OMG I cant believe I pulled a stupid human trick… Was trying to access the system from work via a public ip address… However I was typing the internal IP address. Holy crap its been a long day.


Please Don’t do that shit it wont work