SSH Keys Overwritten by a Sangoma SSH Key

Howdy! It appears that our SSH authorized keys are being overwritten with a single key named Sangoma. So far this has appeared on three systems (that we know of). Is this anything that could have been done by an update? Otherwise, functionality of the system is perfectly fine. I can provide the key via DM if there is any interest in checking it out. Would love to hear if anyone else has seen this recently.

This also comes a couple of months after there was a user added to Admin → Administrators called Sangoma on all of our systems.


On the FreePBX Distro, in System Admin → Support there is an option to install the ssh keys rpm for interfacing with Sangoma Support. If you uninstall the rpm, it should prevent updates from overwriting your authorized keys.

Hello! So it appears that this RPM isn’t even installed on these systems according to sysadmin. Are there any other packages I should be looking for that could be doing this? Or is there a way I could check for this package in the CLI?


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