I can see that libss7 has been loaded with the Distro. I use FPBX/Asterisk as a small PSTN Switch I am looking at interconnecting with a Mobile Carrier who prefers ss7 signalling on the link. There is not much written about setting up ss7 as its not an everyday thing one needs to do.

Before embarking on the learning curve does anyone have any experience with ss7 who could give me a few pointers?

SS7 is a very complex protocol. Carriers are also very picky about compliance.

Turning up an F-Link, the term for a switch to switch link without an SS-7 protocol analyzer is very difficult.

You can rent them from GE Capital. I have had good luck with the Tektronics.

I have never used Asterisk SS7, only turned up traditional SS7 on ATT 5ESS, Nortel DMS and Teclek STP’s

Thanks, yes I have experience with Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent but never with asterisk, if there is someone out there who has done something with asterisk would really like to hear from them. I have good relations with the carrier so they will work with me to help getting it up and running.

Contact Sangoma as they provide SS7 cards and such.

Cool, I will be very interested in how you do. I am starting an MVNO project that may require SS7 connections.

Tony’s suggestion is spot on, Sangoma has their own SS7 stack that is documented and supported.

Have contacted them, let’s see what they say.