SRV records for TLS

I use SRV sub domain record to point UDP and TCP traffic to port 5060. e.g. = UDP port 5060 = TCP port 5060

Do I need to create another record for TLS and point it to port 5061? e.g. = TLS port 5061

TLS seems to work with pointing at port 5060 but maybe it would work better with pointing at port 5061

If hope someone on this board is familiar with SRV records. Thanks.

Here’s the format: IN SRV 1 1 5061

I know the format. Thanks.
Just need to know if it’s required for TLS as things seem to be working with the TCP SRV record which is pointing at port 5060.

I noticed the same thing when I was initially setting up TLS

In both hard and soft endpoints selecting TLS usually Seema to imply sips and port 5061 as per RFC.

Kinda like saying IMAP over SSL (software assumes 993)

It’s nice to have. Most clients will use 5061/TCP as soon as you choose TLS as a transport, but some clients will rely on NAPTR or SRV.
I would recommend to create all 3 records - for UDP, TCP and TLS, no need to use different subdomains or hostnames.

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Yes if your client uses SRV lookup. Most phones do. They will do SRV lookup on the specified domain for the SIPS record.