SRTP Lib Version Upgrade

By default the distro comes with SRTP lib version 1.5.4. Anyone know how to upgrade to SRTP lib version 2.1?

I’d submit a ticket requesting the pull-up for the new version. If it works with the system, it should benefit the entire community. If it doesn’t, you’ll find out from the source.

Today the FreePBX v13 distro comes with SRTP lib 1.5.4. Is it possible to upgrade the distro with the latest SRTP lib version 2.1.0? If not do you know if v13 supports SRTP lib version 2.1.0 and is it possible to manually upgrade the SRTP lib?

You can try to manually update, but that could end up disastrously.

The safest way to get this going is to submit an Issues Ticket and ask there. The developers sometimes monitor the Forums, but a ticket is a sure way to get a definitive answer.

Why do you need to upgrade to 2.1.0?

The SDK we are using only supports 2.1.0, so we ended up downgrading the SDK to 1.5.4 instead of trying to upgrade the lib.