SRTP issue with latest freepbx-2.11.0beta2

what i did first i installed on ubuntu 12.04 latest asterisk 11.2.1,and did realtime mysql database integration with(odbc) with Kamailio and rtpproxy for nat, following instructions here:
and here
and everything is working fine…tls for signaling,udp/srtp for audio/video.

After that i installed freepbx over it, successfully, and everything is working fine,except srtp is not working(tls for signaling is still working). Now I only have udp/rtp.
I have two different snapshots on vm,one with freepbx,one without,and comparing configurations and sip events everything looks same. zrtp hashes are sent in both situations in invites,but with freepbx installation srtp is not been negotiated and used.
why?Is there any particular reason for this to happens??

Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you intergrate the Freepbx tables with Asterisk and Kamailio?

As you are using Kamailio 3.3.x, I guess you have the following mysql tables sipusers, sipregs and voiceboxes ? But Freepbx appears to use devices and users.

I am using Kamailio 4.01, so use the following tables:-


Your help would be most gratefully received.