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[SQLSTATE 23000]: Integrity Restraint Violation: 1062 Duplicate Entry 'tr-peer-1-account' for key 'PRIMARY'

(Cobb Adams) #1

FreePBX Version

Can someone assist with this please? I cannot register a trunk as this error keeps coming up when I submit. Thanks in advance

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

This was an issue some time ago, but should be resolved now. Upgrade your PBX modules.

(Cobb Adams) #3

Thanks for the reply and everything is upgraded except for four and they are all ones to purchase: Zulu, Appointment reminder, Broadcast, & Customer Relationship Mana

(Cobb Adams) #4

I saw this fix but it is above my paygrade as I am not sure how to find the table in the error? Here is the link to the “fix”

I was also told to not adjust SQL…?

(Dave Burgess) #5

Yes, but …

If upgrading your modules doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to delete the old reference which was added before the module was updated. It’s OK this time, since we vetted it pretty closely, just don’t take it as a precedent that you can go in and muck around at will. :slight_smile: