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[SQLSTATE 23000]: Integrity Restraint Violation: 1062 Duplicate Entry 'tr-peer-1-account' for key 'PRIMARY'

(Cobb Adams) #1

FreePBX Version

Can someone assist with this please? I cannot register a trunk as this error keeps coming up when I submit. Thanks in advance

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

This was an issue some time ago, but should be resolved now. Upgrade your PBX modules.

(Cobb Adams) #3

Thanks for the reply and everything is upgraded except for four and they are all ones to purchase: Zulu, Appointment reminder, Broadcast, & Customer Relationship Mana

(Cobb Adams) #4

I saw this fix but it is above my paygrade as I am not sure how to find the table in the error? Here is the link to the “fix”

I was also told to not adjust SQL…?