Sporadic No IVR Sound - Incoming

I’m having some trouble with incoming calls. The system seems to answer but the IVR message doesn’t play. Just silence on the other end of the line. It seems to be sporadic and, for some strange reason, when I go to system sounds and play the message that should be playing through my administrator console, it sometimes works right after for incoming calls.

Two things have happened recently:

  1. I updated the freepbx framework module.
  2. I have been getting constant emails about fail2ban for 2 IP addresses. I look up these addresses and they are from Germany.

Not sure if either are related. I’m running:
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.4-1712-2.sng7

Everything seems up to date. The dashboard shows no errors or warnings. The log files show no errors.

I use Sangoma trunk / did’s and the system sound was in .WAV format. I added ulaw format and no change.

Hope someone has some suggestions. Thanks.

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