Splitting inbound calls

Hi everyone.
I’m running trixbox for serveral years already and now it looks like Fonality almost stopped developing CE version, so I’m thinking of moving to FreePBX.

My main concern is splitting inbound calls: we have several project here and a single support team for all of them. So I need to find a way to let my agent know what project this call comes from before he pick up the phone. Right now it’s almost impossible with trixbox + zoiper, the only ugly hack I found is making a separate queue for each of my projects and tell my agents to carefully read what queue this customer came from (as it’s the only info that trixbox sends to agent softphone together with a call).

So my question is what is the best way to tell the agent what inbound company this call came from? Maybe some additional (even paid) software? Some CRM, that will load a page with every call? Any ideas are highly appreciated.

I can think of a couple of ways to do this but the easiest way would be to use the “Set CallerID” module. The module is free and can use it to append text to the caller ID of an incomming call. You can could use this feature with an IVR and give each project an option in the IVR. You would then set the destination of each item in IVR to the corresponding “Set Caller ID” you create for each project. You could then set the destination for all of the “Set Caller ID” items you created to one Queue, that way your users would only have to manage 1 queue. Each call that enteres the queue will have a caller ID based on the IVR option they chose. You can also use the queue priority module to give calls comming for certain projects a higher priority in the queue.

If you have a unique number for each project you do not have to use an IVR or the Set Caller ID module, All you would need to do is append text to the caller ID in the inbound route and then send the inbound route to the Queue.

You could also create separate queues but that get messy to manage.