Split voice and fax


I am new to this forum but am not so new to freepbx. We have been installing units for about 3 years now. However, please forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere.
We recently installed a unit for a client who has 3 POTS lines. Two are dedicated to voice and the third is used for voice and fax. The PSTN card we chose here: http://goo.gl/5CdLu. setup as 4FXO ports only.
They need to be able to use all three lines for outgoing and incoming voice calls but also be able to receive faxes on the third line. My question to this community is what are your experiences on how to make this work effectively.
Thank you


I have a similar setup with a different Sangoma card. If you haven’t already, assign DIDs to each of the DAHDI channels using the “DAHDI Channel DIDs” Module. Create separate inbound routes for each DID and for the fax line, enable Fax detection of type DAHDI and experiment with different detection times so you keep callers waiting as briefly as possible while still catching all inbound faxes.

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Fax detection is pretty reliable in my experience, but there is always a possibility of a fax slipping through. If at all possible reserve extension number 329 (the letters F-A-X on a phone keypad) for the fax destination and educate your users to blind transfer all stray faxes to 329.

ok so add a FXS module card, add a DADHI extension in “Extensions”, use number 329. on the inbound route, enable fax detection, work with rings. got it! Thanks! One last question. Being that i have a 4FXO card, when i ran the wanrouter install, part of the process is it asks if you want to enable hardware fax detection. Do you need that set to yes or does the inbound route take care of that? Thanks again

Wondered about that myself, I have not yet learned all the mysteries of the Sangoma install and config. You do need faxdetect enabled in the DAHDI configuration which is probably what the Sangoma install routine does for you when you answer that question.