Split the GUI and Asterisk to 2 servers

Hi all,

I’m not sure if someone has tried this before but I want to see if I can split the Freepbx GUI from the Asterisk server. So 1 Asterisk server with all the conf files and 1 Freepbx GUI server with the conf files and mysql database.

This way I don’t have to backup my asterisk server and can easily replace it with a new one. The GUI server will function as a backup server and push the conf files on to it. It will also help me with my redundancy since I can easily modify things in a live/production environment and automatically apply them after work hours.

This whole idea is just a how-do-you-say-this-in-english theoretical brainstorm and all ideas / help anyone can offer me on how to do this is welcome.


You can’t currently split the “GUI” from Asterisk.

The architecture is such that it wouldn’t be that hard to get to that point some day but up to now it has not been a priority.

THe main issue is that the FreePBX code expects to write all the files directly on the server. Much of that is compartmentalized so to speak, but some of it such as writing to the voicemail.conf file is not.

Thanks for the reply. Shame is it not possible at the moment but I keep my hopes up :slight_smile:

Is there a document describing how the module_reload / retrieve.conf works?
Maybe I can write some kind of script that would fit my needs.

This may be a bad idea, but popped into my mind as I was considering this scenario:

What if the asterisk server used an NFS export for the config directory and the FreePBX “head”, as I’ll call it, connected to the NFS export? FreePBX could then operate on the live config files. Then, have a script that saves the config directory locally to the FreePBX box as a backup. A bit sloppy, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Thanks for the comments. I decided not to give it a try because it will be too time consuming. Instead I will wait for Asterisk SCF and see what that will bring us (if it brings us something, still can’t find an official release date).