Splash Screen stays on all the time during install, never switches to visible command line

I have a new computer ASUS Z590-Plus, when I install I get the Sigoma Technologies splash screen but it never goes away after I select my install options, can’t see what’s going on, all i see is the Splash Screen.
I have tried to do the Full Automatic Installation - Output to VGA (again all I see is the Splash Screen during install), I let run for about an hour and then reboot the computer. After the computer boots up the screen is blank (nothing on the screen), if have tried entering the “nomodeset” after ro in GRUB and still no luck, just a blank screen.
I have tried several different monitors, cables, (DP, HDMI, DP to DVI, HDMI to DVI, DP to VGA and HDMI to VGA) any help would be greatly appreciated,

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