Speex communication is not audible in both sides

I have successfully configured FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’ in an AWS EC2 instance and we can communicate through a softphone as well as my device to my mobile phone.
At present, the device only allows for speex format and communication is not audible on both sides during a call between the device and the mobile phone.
I have already enable speex, speex16, speex32, alaw, ulaw and gsm in Truck and IAX setting. What are the additional configurations or modules that we need to configure or install? Please help me.

What device is this?

Set up Zoiper on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
Configure an extension for it in FreePBX and get it to register.
Using ulaw or alaw codec, you should be able to dial *43 (echo test) and hear audio in both directions.
If no luck, troubleshoot network/firewall/NAT issues.
Once that’s working, try enabling only speex and retest.
If speex fails, there is likely a problem with transcoding in Asterisk.
Once Zoiper is working with speex codec, try your device.
If it fails, comparison with Zoiper should help you debug.

Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, Zoiper is working on internal extensions when we initiated the call from a desktop to another desktop computer, and the codec format used was Speex, Speex16, and Speex32. Now I am trying to figure out the communication difference between Zopier and my device.

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