Speed up Intercom Connection Time

I am moving my company from an analog system to a SIP based FreePBX system and one big complaints I am getting is how long it takes for an intercom to connect. They used to hit the button on the phone and be instantly connected, but now they have to wait for a ring before it connects. Is there anyway to speed this connection up so that it is more instantaneous? They use intercoming A LOT!! Maybe there is a way to intercom directly from phone to phone instead of going through the server?

I am currently on FreePBX 12.0.74 with all Yealink T38 IP phones.

Make sure you “dialstrings” are closed on the phones, i.e. *80XXX or whatever, needs to be within the list of dialstrings recognized without waiting for the dial timeout (5 seconds by default)

I am not familiar with “dialstrings”. Where would I go check this?

I do not think that is the case because the wait is more like 2 seconds.

In the documentation of your phones.

Try to replace thinking with RTFMing, it often provides a better result. Press buttons on your phone while you watch the asterisk loglines fly past . . .