Speed up Extension Dialing


I’ve been playing with Freepbx, for the last couple of weeks - and I’ve managed to get several different SIP Providers all working fine, for both incoming, and external calls.

The one slight niggle - is the delay when ringing from one extension to another - (Cisco SPA504)
All my extensions are 2XX - and i’ve searched looking for somewhere to put in an approriate dial string to speed this up - but i’m at a loss.

Do i need to somehow edit a feature code ?
Or is there a way to to configure a dial string, that isn’t required to use a trunk for an appropriate match ?


If you have access to the /tftpboot/DIALPLAN.XML for the phone, you should be able to tune this up fairly simply.

In the interim, you can also try adding a “#” on the end of the dialed number. This often causes an immediate dial.

You might also try dialing with the handset in the cradle. When you pick up the handset, the phone should dial the entire number immediately.

Way off topic and don’t mean to hijack the thread but thanks Dave!! There was about a 3 second delay when I parked a call before it was announced/displayed via restapps using ##70. Using ##70# the call is parked, announced, and the display is updated immediately. :slight_smile:

The “#” on the end of a dial string doesn’t work universally, but it works often enough that it’s always (at least) a good first step.

Obviously, setting up the DIALPLAN.XML file (in a Cisco file) is a good idea and will solve the problem transparently. On the other hand, if people can try some of the other “dial now” methods, it might end up being a change that doesn’t need to be made for everyone.

Thanks all - i was looking for something server based, i didn’t realise that the phones had their own dial plans too.
All sorted and they now all dial as soon as the last digit is entered !