Speed dial shared mailbox - language issue

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I’ve got an issue speed dialing the mailbox of a shared mailbox and custom language.
I created three extensions (101,102,103) which are part of a ring group. The extensions configured to use a custom language. For extension 101 I’ve activated the voicemail and set the destination if no answer in ring group to it. In extension settings of 102 and 103 I’ve set Advanced > Mailbox to “101@decive”. I#ve configured my phones to point to the voicemail of 101.

To access the voicemail from extension 102 or 103 I could call *98 afterwards I got a prompt in my custome language to enter the voicemail number and then a prompt to enter a password. Since I’m not willing to enter the voicemail number every time I’ve created a short cut on the phones dialling *98101, this works very well except that the prompt sound is in the default language (which is english) and not in my custome language also all other prompts in the mail box are in english.

Anyone know this bug and how to get rid of it?

FreePBX: 13.0.143
Voicemail Module: 13.0.47

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Please let me also note that I’ve double checked, that my custom language is set to global default language. (Admin > Sound Languages > Global Languages).

Should I opden a issue ticket for this?

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Nobody? No suggestions?

The best I can do for you is to put in a bug report in the “Issues” section at the top of the page.

From your description, it sounds reasonable that the system should do what you’re expecting.