Speed Dial on Pbxact

Hi All,
Im configuring PBXact 2000 and i don’t see where to put Speed Dial can please someone help me thank you.

Speed dials can be configured as a feature code.
But the best way to do it is by using Endpoint Manager Templates and set the buttons to “Speed dial” and add the numbers there…

Thanks for the respond i want to set up hospital wide speed dial i have doctors on call who dont want to give their numbers out so i need to set up speed dial

Speed dial are handled inside contact manager. Inside a contact you can create a speedial for 1 or more contacts.

Hi Tony, if i create a speed dial under a contact is that speed dial is fot that contact or anyone can use it and is there any documentation on this thank you

The speeddial is for that contact. Any user can dial it. Not sure what documentation you are looking for. It’s pretty simple but I would expect the wiki for contact manager is documented for this but I have not checked.

I don’t think it has been updated to reflect recent changes to Contact Manager. There’s not any mention of Speed Dials in the section and the screenshot is from an early (but still 13) version of the module so the Speed Dial wasn’t a form option then.

It’s in there now



Thank you, All

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