Speed dial not working after upgrade to 14

After migrating freepbx from 13 to 14 speed dial from the asterisk phone book is not working. The speed dials look OK in the phone book. However the log shows they are not being expanded in the outgoing call process. The raw *0nn code is being passed on as an outgoing phone number.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Any ideas?


I fixed this. After the upgrade I had realised that the phonebook module had not been installed. So i installed it. However I did not realize that there is a separate speeddial module that needs to be installed as well. This module is not marked as a dependency by the the speeddial module, so you do not get warned if it is not installed. The clue that led me to this was that I could not find the speeddial prefix setting in feature codes. A quick look at the available modules in the settings category and I found speeddial.