Speech to Text for Call Recordings


We want to transcribe our call recordings and I am looking for the best available APIs or Open source that can work well with FreePBX. Any recommendation and tips how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

You probably mean Speech to Text.

The ‘best’ one is a matter of opinion but there are recipes here for at least google, amazon and ibm which are eventually paid for , vosk is free but not so good as the above.

Hi @dicko

oh yes so sorry, i meant speech to text
do you have any recommendations on the paid ones?


No, but my preference is google.

alright thanks.

for vosk, is it easy to setup? i am really a novice on this and I’m afraid that it may crash my pbx?

Vosk is easiest put in a docker, it needs lots of memory and you need to be able to compile an asterisk module against the source of your running asterisk, which is not easy on ‘the distro’, ( not for a noob )

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