Specifying name for Incoming caller ID

I have a few external callers, where the CID is passed, but only the number without the name. So the phone show 123-456-7890 for both the number and the name. I was wondering if it would be possible to tell FreePBX that if a call comes from 123-456-7890 then display the name “John Doe”.

I haven’t found any “feature” or module that explicitly states this can be done. I thought perhaps the “Contact Manager” module could do the trick, however, I created an external group, put the person’s name in with the phone number as it shows up on the incoming CID, but still only show their phone number.

If anyone knows of a module or way this can be done it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Caller ID Lookup and Caller ID Superfecta both do this.

I guess it should be mentioned (just for reference) the caller ID Lookup along with phonebook module should be installed. Then configure the CID Lookup to check the phonebook. Enter the numbers/names in the phonebook. Then configure the Inbound route to use CID Lookup.