Specify specific Outbound Route when transferring to a Misc Destination External number?

I have a setup that has multiple Outbound Routes – and I’m using the CallerID field under Dial Patterns for that Route to specify which Outbound Route should be used for each extension. That is all working great.

I then have a “CatchAll” Outbound Route where I have the Dial Patterns for dialing numbers, but then nothing specified in the CallerID fields – so that anything that doesn’t match a specific extension goes out through this CatchAll. I actually don’t want anything to ever use this – I use it more of a “something is wrong – you probably added a new extension and forgot to add a Dial Pattern for it in some other Route” thing. In fact, I have a Notification trigger on that Route so that if anything goes out through it, I get an email telling me about it so that I can fix it.

My issue is that I recently added an Inbound Route that, depending on a Time Condition, may dial an outside number using a Misc Destination. Basically, an “on call” person for after-hours. If someone hits that Inbound Route after, say, 8pm, it sends it to a Misc Destination that dials an outside number. This works, except that it flows through the CatchAll Outbound Route, of course. Because it isn’t a specific extension dialing it, so nothing matches in the other Outbound Route Dialing Patterns – so the CatchAll takes care of it.

I’m trying to find a way to specify an Outbound Route to use when that Misc Destination is dialed. Is there a way to do that? Or maybe instead of a Misc Destination, I could configure a Virtual Extension with a Follow Me to the Outside Number – and then would Outbound Routes respect that extension as doing the call and apply the Dial Pattern maybe? (I’ll try to test this soon and see – just wanted to throw it out there as a maybe.)


Ok, I tried doing it via a Virtual Extension (which I listed in the Outbound Route’s Dial Pattern) doing a Follow-Me to the external number – and it was still caught by the CatchAll Outbound Route instead. So, that idea also did not work for me.

Open to suggestions. Thanks!

Add a Dial Pattern to the desired Outbound Route with a prefix (003, for example), and CallerID field blank.

Then, put 003 in front of the Misc Destination number.

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Ah! Yes! Of course. Worked like a charm. I just didn’t think of it. Thanks much!

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