Specify MoH Category in Extensions?

Hi All,

I’m just playing around with FreePBX and am wondering if it is possible to specify which MoH Category to use on a per extension basis?

I’ve used commercial front-ends for Asterisk that has this ability and wondering if FreePBX might also.



I must admit I was just wondering if it was possible to set ring tones by extension in FreePBX and / or there was a way to do a text to speech based on CID.

Alternatively enabling user to record announcement which would be used as a “ring tone” i.e. “Oh no its the mother/father in law!” or “its your sweaty” or “Its Fred from ABC company”.

Ultimately implementation of things like this will likely be accomplished in various ways. For some with phone that do not have the capacity user will have to rely on FreePBX modules for other their phones will have to be able to take info from FreePBX.

I suspect to many this is frivolous but it would be great in home use an in specialized business applications. For me, we have three companies out of one office. I would like it if when the phone range I could tell which company they were calling. I come op with ways to do that with “lines” on my phone but an auditory queue would be helpful too.

Hope this is of use.



A Friend runs Asterisk on a Mac, and has MOH sensitive to CID, not sure exactly how he does it, but I always get “Land down under” when I call. He gets Gilbert and Sullivan and so on.