Specify destination when CallForward option is activated

Hi to all,

if I press *72 from phone the pbx should activate call forward for all incoming calls. My question is: in freepbx how I can specify statically the destination? I would not digit every time the number to forward. (in my case a ring group)


Use Follow Me instead.

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hi @lgaetz can you explain better how to use it? thanks


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@lgaetz ok… the feature code is this? “Findme Follow Toggle *21” ? You suggest to remove the extension and add the new one? Or keep both?

I’ve tryed but it doesn’t works. I’ve added an other extension in followme list but my extension continue to ring.

from the linked document:

Initial Ring Time

Select the length of time (in seconds) you want to ring the primary extension alone before calling the phone numbers in the follow-me list.

@comtech thanks!! it works!

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