Specific outside number dialed from any extension routes to main IVR instead of Outbound Route

Whenever any user dials a specific legitimate outside phone number from any extension, FreePBX ignores the Outbound Route pattern rules and directs the call to our main IVR. I even tried adding an outbound route pattern specifically for the number, and it still routes to the main IVR. Thinking our SIP trunk provider might be routing the calI back to us I contacted them and they have no idea.
Thoughts!!! Be forewarned I am not a newbie, but I am a LONG way from an expert…

You’ll need to post some information on your outbound route configuration or some log lines that show an outbound call doing this.

Sorry for taking so long. Please see the log from the GUI and /var/log/asterisk/full at Specific outside number dialed from any extension - FreePBX Pastebin

Please note I made the following substitutions in the logs:
Source Company is MY_BUSINESS
Our phone number is 8151111111
Destination phone number is 8159999999
My extension/CID is 133/ME

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