Specific Outbound routes from specific Extensions


Is there any way to specify which extensions go through which outbound route?

For example:

2XX - Go through Outbound Route 1

3XX - Go through outbound Route 2 and ignore Outbound route 1

1XXX - Go through outbound route three and ignore outbound route 1 & 2

I’ve found that because I have the dial patters set the same (11 X’s), every extension uses the first Outbound route by default.

Any way to alter this?

Any questions or more info needed, as always, please ask.


You filter which extension uses which outbound route by specifying a pattern inside the CallerID field for a specific pattern on the Dial Patterns tab.

For example 2XXX would allow any 4 digit extension that starts with a 2 to match and use that outbound route and trunk that’s assigned to the route.

You can also specify exact extensions here as well.


Works perfectly, thank you. @dobrosavljevic

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