SpamHaus Stopping my outgoing email

Brand new freepbx 2.907 install

voicemail notifications working okay to a gmail account.
however my customer’s hosted email provider causes spamhaus to block

from /var/log/maillog

Oct 22 08:32:43 PBX3 postfix/smtp[3705]: 304D321602F: to=[email protected],[]:25, delay=1389, delays=1389/0.01/0.54/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host[] refused to talk to me: 554 NO UCE error: R6.1: is on the Spamhaus blacklist. Please visit:

The customer is using a hosting service

Is there anyway to disable this?

The sending mail server’s IP address is currently on SpamHaus’ blacklist. That IP address may have been used to send spam in the past, it could be part of a larger IP block controlled by an ISP that SpamHaus considers “spammer friendly” or there is some other reason SpamHaus finds the address suspicious.

The receiving mail server is configured to check incoming connections against SpamHaus’ blacklist and if a match is found, deny the connection. This is done for spam prevention.

When I go to and enter IP address, I find that is listed on SpamHaus’ PBL list. The PBL is a list of dynamic IP addresses.

A mail server with a dynamic IP address can typically only send mail because it doesn’t have a fixed address that it can be contacted at. “One way” mail servers are generally used to propagate spam and that’s what is suspicious.

You should reconfigure FreePBX to send e-mail through a “real” mail server residing at a static IP address. Most ISPs offer their subscribers a mail server just for that purpose.

Ken Morley