SPA8800 and FreePBX

So I’ve got a new setup of FreePBX. This customer is located in an area where there are no local DID’s for SIP trunks so we purchased a Cisco SPA8800 4 Port FXO + 4 Port FXS unit.

Problem 1
I’ve got the trunk currently setup and am able to place an outbound call. It takes 11 seconds after the call is placed on the phone to actually start ringing. This will drive the users nuts (it would drive me nuts). Does anyone know how to speed up the amount of time it takes for the outbound call?

Problem 2 (More important)
Inbound calls don’t work at all. It rings, answers then I get a dial tone, then it disconnects.

More details

  • Customer has 1 phone line
  • Line is shared with fax on copier. Copier was set to manual answer instead of auto answer as previously set. I will look at getting the faxing to share the line after we can receive incoming calls to the FreePBX system.
  • FreePBX
  • SPA8800
    • Line 1 FXO is plugged into analog phone line
    • Line 1 is configured to use UDP 5061

Trunk looks like this

My registration string
pstn1:[email protected]:5061

On the SPA8800 (under Line 1)
Register: yes
Make call without reg: yes
Ans call without reg: yes
Display name: Line1
User ID: pstn1
Password: mypassword
Use Auth ID: no
Preferred Codec G711u

I have not made changes to the dial plan. My inbound route on FreePBX is set for any number and goes to ring group 600 for now. I will change it to IVR once it works.

Any help would be appreciated.


I created a new dial plan in slot 8
(<:[email protected]>S0)

I also changed
PSTN-To-VoIP Gateway Setup - PSTN Caller Default DP: 8

When I call the number now it just ring and rings and rings (on the callers side) but not on the SPA8800 or FreePBX.

If it takes 11 seconds to dial out, that is a dial plan problem on the SPA. I use this one on mine.


Sorry in advance for resurrecting a zombie thread. @gwntc where you able to resolve this? If so how? I am experiencing the same issue with incoming calls with the SPA8800.

The SPA 8800 was too problematic for me and I was tired of driving 2 hours each way everytime there was an issue so I replaced the system with a FreePBX appliance that had the built in FXO ports.

Thanks for the heads up. My appliance is the phone system 40 and has no internal ports… I guess I am stuck with something like this.

Have you looked at our Vega Gateways?

I did, but after I bought the SPA8800. I would plan on using the Vega50 in the future but want to try and make the SPA work since I already own it for this project.

I also bought a Vega 50 (4 port FXO) in case I ever need it again. Just so I never have to dust off the SPA8800. There is a special place in hell for the SPA8800. I can’t even sell it to anyone. Nobody wants it.

I have a client that has the cisco spa8800 and has out bound but no inbound. They do not want to upgrade the hardware. Has anyone been able to get the inbound working.

I believe that the SPA8800 can be configured just like an SPA3102, just with more ports.

The key to working incoming calls is to define the right dialplan.

Did you run a chansip or a pjsip trunk between the Spa and your PBX?

I setup a Chan sip between the spa and the pbx